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About Iron Shipwrights

Iron Shipwrights is a resin model kit manufacturer located in Tennessee. They are among a few resin model ship kit manufacturers in the country. They are known for their quality products, unmatched customer service, and no questions asked free part replacement. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

USS Detroit CL-8 Omaha Class Light Cruiser

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Why Resin and Not Plastic?

Usually, specific ships like these that are not "mainstream" enough, are not mass produced by big companies that make plastic models, like Tamiya. This is where smaller companies, usually started by people who have personal connections or a deep appreciation for these ships will take it upon themselves to create model kits for people like yourself. 

U.S.S. Sangamon CVE-26 1/350 Scale Full Hull

A few reason resin kits are more expensive than other kits are as follows:

A) Sculpting masters and creating the molds are all manual processes and takes a lot of time, skill, and labor--Almost 2 days for one new mold. Not to mention the photo etched brass parts that are included. Usually, with plastic models, you have to buy the brass parts separately.

B) Research of the blueprints for each ship takes a lot of time (The people who make these kits have to take it upon themselves to make it happen).

C) The resin itself is more expensive than plastic.

D) These kits are rare, because they are not mass produced like plastic models from big companies.

Posted by warshipguy on Sunday, June 9, 2013 6:36 AM

Iron Shipway kits are terrific! I have built the USS Texas (1945) and it went together wonderfully. Parts fit was flawless, the level of detail is very impressive, and the service is outstanding. I received the HMS Norfolk as a gift, and I have noticed the same observations with dry-fitting. I am very impressed. Resin kits are easier than plastic in many ways. There are generally fewer parts, they tend to fit better, and they are usually cast much finer. There is a better selection of kits available than plastic kits, though that gap is narrowing. The main differences lie in the fact that you have to wash the resin parts in a detergent and water to remove any molding residue oils, and you have to use  cyanoacrylate glues. As for price, resin kits often come with all the photoetch parts you would otherwise have to buy when building plastic kits. The actual cost works out to be nearly the same as with plastic. I would recommend trying the kit. - Bill

That was the first review of this manufacturer we came across when researching this vendor to add to our catalog. Here at Adama Model Ships, we have sold many kits by this brand and they truly live up to their reputation.

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