Nautical Decor Ideas: 5 Must-Have Accents

Themes, themes, themes. Have you ever wondered why the nautical theme is so popular? It's not hard to see. If you love the ocean, then you know all too well the freedom and relaxation you feel when you're in that atmosphere.

Imagine the breeze, the warm rays of the sun, the smell of the ocean air, and the anticipation of a well deserved vacation sitting on the deck of a yacht; or even better, living in a beach home. You can still get that feeling even if you don't live on the beach.

The beauty about creating a decorative theme in your home is that it only takes a couple of key pieces to create a certain feeling that you love. In this blog, I will give you 5 key nautical decor ideas that will make a huge impact on the energy and vibe in your home; even if you only use 2 of them.

5 Must-Have Nautical Decor Accents

You might be thinking, "What about sea shells or an anchor?" And I would agree with you that those are important nautical accents. But I would say those should come after you get a few key pieces placed in your home first. 

Model Sailboat

A sailing ship has long been a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and abundance in feng shui principles: I go into more detail about that here.

However, in terms of creating a nautical theme, a model sailing ship is arguably the most important piece, and a piece that a lot of people mistakenly neglect to include in their decor. And the one piece that could really make your home stand out when friends and family come to visit.

Depending on the size you want and the atmosphere you want to create, you could go with a sailboat decoration, like the Endeavour or Enterprise. They are more simple, yet elegant and give a fun, adventurous vibe that spells out freedom and warmth. A model sailboat fits in great in your living room.

With sailing boat models, there are options of whitewash, rustic, or true colors which are intended to match and accommodate different color themes. Take that into account when you are purchasing your first model sailboat.

Another option for a more masculine vibe, would be a tall ship. A warship like the USS Constitution or Victory creates a sophisticated, victorious energy. These are great in an office or library.

If you or a loved one is in the U.S. Coast Guard, the USCG Eagle is a great tall ship to use. It is not only a tribute to your service, it communicates pride and power, and responsibility, much like the other tall ships. However, this ship has a more modern sense of national pride.

The bottom line is that a sailing ship or boat is the first place to start when creating a nautical theme for your home. Yes, you can have a nautical theme without one, but it wont be nearly as effective as having this staple as part of your decor.

Ship Wheel

Ah, the ship wheel: a charming piece for your wall. With different sizes and colors of wood, you have many options to compliment any room.

Some ship wheels have built in clocks to make them a functional piece of decor.

Ship wheels symbolize aim and control of your destiny. It is a tasteful, empowering accent, that looks sophisticated and traditional. When polished, the wood will make your home more refined.

Diving Helmet Clock

You only see these in homes that people have put extra thought in their nautical decor. This will make your home unique, in a delightful way.

The polished brass or chrome looks sharp, and adds a touch of sparkle to an otherwise muted room, much like a shiny watch can take your outfit from dull to elegant.

Different sizes and color options make this item very easily matched to your home.

This type of item is great on a corner table or mantle. Not only is it functional, it sparks the imagination of old adventures and sunken treasure. That's what decorations are supposed to do, create a feeling; and what better way than through the imagination. 

Decorative Rowing Oar

To really tie the outside with the inside, you can lean these up in a corner on a patio or entrance way. These are a thoughtful way to make your nautical theme more cohesive.

You can also easily hang them horizontally on a wall with included hooks. Either way, the color variations make them relatively straightforward to match to your color scheme.

Rowing oars can be a fun way to represent your favorite University or Rowing club. The one's we offer at here, at Adama Model Ships, are handcrafted by solid wood by master artisans.


Telescopes were an essential part of seafaring activities. They were used to spot other ships in the distance, communicate with signal flags, and observe land ahoy. They are also a unique type of nautical decor.

Telescopes for nautical decor are fully functional and can be used to gaze at the stars from your window. They are an excellent and intriguing addition to your room and stand on a tripod.

You can get brass, bronze, or chrome telescopes. Some have the barrel sheathed in leather for an alternative look, making this item a very personalized object that few will have. 


The Nautical Theme is a favorite among many, because of the mysterious, yet familiar feeling of a beach town you get when you're immersed in such an atmosphere.

My first suggestion would be to get a sailboat decoration and one of the other 4 suggestions made in this blog post.

A rowing oar, leaned in the corner of an entrance way, deck, or porch will tie in the outside of your home with the inside. From there, you could get smaller accents, such as shells or wreaths to fill in and connect the theme together.

However, the more of the 5 accents suggested in this blog you get, the more your nautical theme will be created in the most sophisticated and tasteful way. All other minor accents can be acquired as time goes on and you develop your palette.

Thank you for reading this. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at To browse our collections of the suggested items, you can see them here:



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